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No No-fault and Fault based Divorce in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, No-fault based divorce can be used to dissolve a marriage. This type of divorce will be possible for couples that have lived together for a number of years, have children, and want to maintain joint responsibility for those children and the home.

It is important to know how No-fault based divorce will work. The courts will hold a divorce hearing that will determine the laws regarding both parties. This hearing will also determine the amount of child support that should be paid.

The court will then decide who should pay the children support. The process could take weeks or months depending on the judge. Once this process is complete, the judge will issue a decree of divorce. This will be a final ruling about the matter and the judge will sign the final decree.

Fault based divorces are usually used by couples that are unable to agree over property, child custody, and other issues. If you are one of these couples that cannot come to an agreement, you can choose to seek out a No-fault based divorce in Pennsylvania. By filing for this type of divorce, you will have to make the decision to pay the payments that the court determines you should pay. There is a chance that you will not be able to make the payments so you may need to go through a divorce attorney.

Laws differ in each state, so you should always be sure to follow the laws of your state. You will also need to consult with an attorney specializing in divorce case about any outstanding judgments that will affect your case.

This type of divorce is good for people that cannot come to a mutual agreement. Couples who have children will still need to seek out an attorney in order to protect themselves from future problems. If you are planning on obtaining a No-fault divorce, you will have to make sure that you hire an attorney that you feel comfortable with. if you need help visit Voelker & Kairys Atty at Law website at for more info.

No-fault-based divorce is a good option for couples that want to resolve their legal disputes and have one piece of paper that states the end of the divorce. There is a chance that the amount of money that is awarded to the spouse may be less than what the other party expected. It is always a good idea to find out about your rights before pursuing any type of divorce.